10 Things You Can Do

Freude mit Jungpflanzen, Einkaufen am Pflanzen-Tauschmarkt, ARCHE NOAH Schiltern (c) Doris Steinböck

Get In Touch With Diversity

10 things you can do to preserve the heritage of cultivated plants for future generations

  1. Make your own garden a shelter for rare fruits and vegetables.
  2. What varieties are you cooking with? Train your senses. Invite your friends and family for dinner and make them enthusiastic for rare varieties - the way to a wo/man’s heart is through her/his stomach.
  3. Whenever possible, buy your food directly at the farmer’s or at a farmers’ market. Give priority to organic products and seasonable, regional products.
  4. Ask for food produced from rare plants and breeds that are not the result of industrial production processes, but are instead manufactured by food-artisans.
  5. Also in the restaurant, ask where the used vegetables and other products come from.
  6. Get into seed growing - for example with a bean variety. Carry on with the almost forgotten knowledge. Accompany your plants throughout their entire lifecycle - from seed to seed.
  7. Pass on seeds and plants to your neighbours and friends - to promote the spreading of endangered varieties.
  8. If there are children around, teach them how to treat plants, animals (and humans!) kindly.
  9. Vote for politicians that stand for sustainable agriculture free of GMOs.
  10. If you want to join a bigger group of like-minded people, become a member of ARCHE NOAH, or, with a donation, a promoter of diversity!

Actively join in –
Sow, plant, tend, and harvest: strengthen diversity with physical activity!

Things that were once passed on over the garden fence – that is, seeds and knowledge – now need a new way of being shared. ARCHE NOAH aims to satisfy these new demands. At our active member days, we invite motivated
members to assist us with seed harvesting, seed cleaning, or potato harvests. Large tasks are thus accomplished together, all while spreading valuable knowledge. If you are a gardener yourself – whether on a (communal) plot or a balcony – try out SugarloafFish PepperItalian Leaf Beet or Monkey Face! Harvest seeds! Exchange them with friends and family!


Actively support – ARCHE NOAH’s work is only possible with your financial support!

The gardening activities to preserve and develop crop diversity, the concurrent research, evaluation, and documentation, the educational work, the international networking, or advocating diversity …
ARCHE NOAH’s fields of work can only be funded by donations. 

Do you want to donate? Thank you!

Our association
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By the way: ARCHE NOAH has been on the list of the Federal Ministry of Finance’s favoured donation recipients since 01. 01. 2012. This means that people who donate to us and have their domicile or company head-offices in Austria have the option to write their donations off against taxes. We send the donation confirmation to all donors annually (at the beginning of the year after the donation).