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Nagoya Protocol

(c) Kim Aigner

A fight against biopiracy

ARCHE NOAH supports the Nagoya Protocol because we believe in a fair and equitable sharing of benefits and the protection of indigenous people’s rights. Meeting the Nagoya Protocol obligations presents a challenge to seed savers organisations, but ARCHE NOAH also sees an opportunity to build a “seed commons”. In summary, we hope that together with other seed savers we can use the Nagoya Protocol to: (a) protect genetic material from future intellectual property rights and genetic engineering; (b) raise awareness of and funds to support the conservation of biodiversity; (c) increase cooperation between seed savers.

European Union  2013 – Source EP

Furthermore, ARCHE NOAH sits on the “Consultation Forum on Access and Benefit-Sharing” set up by the European Commission providing input to the General Guidance Document for the Implementation of the Nagoya Protocol in the EU, and also on the expert group for sectoral guidance on Plant Breeding and Horticulture.