Workshop Brussels

DIVERSIFOOD Workshop Enabling Crop Biodiversity on the Market 27th of November Brussels

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The Programme is available here.

Opening Session:

Opening - Roby Biwer, Committee of the Regions

Presentation of the Workshop’s Scope and Introduction to DIVERSIFOOD, Klaus Rapf

Introductory Round

Seed Saving as an Invitation for Co-creating Biodiversity, Greet Lamprecht & Mieke Lateir

Session 1: Official Procedures, Legislation and Crop Biodiversity: Challenges and Best Practice Examples

Presentation 1 - Introduction on EU seed legislation, Fulya Batur

Presentation 2- Country Analysis Belgium, Małgorzata Verleyen Szulc

Presentation 3 - Country Analysis The Netherlands, Raoul Haegens

Presentation 4 - Country Analysis Austria, Emil Platzer

Presentation 5 - Country Analysis France, Blanche Magarinos-Rey

Session 2: Enabling the Biodiversity Market – Making Genetic Resources Available and Attractive for Farmers and Consumers

Group Work on Crop Biodiversity in Official Procedures and Legislations

Presentation 1 - Participatory Plant Breeding in the Netherlands, Edwin Nuijten

Presentation 2 - The Network Meuse-Rhin-Moselle, Marlene Moreau

Presentation 3 - How to Strengthen the Cooperation Between Gene Banks and Farmers, Obe Bootsma

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