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Leonardo Project

International learning partnership with partner organizations from six different European countries

The Leonardo Project is an international learning partnership which started in September 2013 and was initiated by our Spanish partner organizations Red de Semillas and Red Andaluza de Semillas. Aims of the project are to learn from the many years of experience of our partner organizations, to incorporate the newly gained knowledge in our own organization and prepare it in order to pass it on to people who are interested in the cultivation and use of heirloom and other rare varieties.


Growing agricultural biodiversity: knowledge and practice in Europe

Participants of the Leonardo Project

Together with ARCHE NOAH seven other organization from different European countries are participating in the learning partnership:



Main topics of the project are the political work related to the European seed legislation, commonly organized (participatory) seed propagation on farms, marketing opportunities for small seed producers as well as market opportunities for products made of local varieties. Focuses lie on vegetables, fruits and cereals.

Within the project timeframe of two years a total of 24 workshops are organized, three by each organization. ARCHE NOAH has already organized two workshops:


Reports and photos

Name of Workshop
November 2013
How to protect our seeds?
Report in English
March 2014
Participatory seed production
Report in English


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