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In an attempt to stop patents on plants and animals of conventional breeding, ARCHE NOAH started a petition.

(c) D. Steinböck

Petition Information: No patents on plants and animals

ARCHE NOAH, BIO AUSTRIA and PRO-GE have been intensively collaborating and sharing information about the negative consequences of patents on plants and animals. In February 2016, they started a Petition against Patents on Plants and Animals. The European Patent Office (EPO) has its own highly controversial interpretation of the European Patent Convention (EPC) and thus grants more and more patents on conventional plants like tomato, pepper or broccoli.

On 29th June 2016, 820.000 signatures gathered against patents on plants and animals were presented to the President of the board of directors of the European Patent Organisation (EPOrg) in Munich (128.000 of those signatures were from Austria). This is a clear statement from civil society!

Now it is up to the governments of the 38 States that are members of the EPO Administrative Council (all EU member states included) to act as a brake and stop the current patent policy! Indeed, the technical bodies of the EPO announced that they would wait for the decision of the European Commission on the interpretation of the European Biotech Directive, which is expected by the end of 2016 (link to Overview). Political pressure is needed now!