Mission Statement



Crop diversity is preserved through private and commercial use in gardens and fields and continues evolving with local conditions and gardening/farming selection criteria. The demand for products from this diversity is a key factor for conservation and use.


Fundamental principles

  • We perceive biodiversity as a value in itself.

  • We think globally and act locally.

  • Humans and cultivated plants are inextricably linked. Hence, conservation through utilization is one of our most important principles.

  • Ecological thinking and sustainable action are important to us.

  • We are open tonew developments and methods and critically examine them for their effects on crop diversity.

  • We act independently to party politics.


Aims and tasks

  • We safeguard endangered crops and make them available.

  • We gather and share information about cultivation, use and multiplication of endangered crop plants.

  • We advocate for an improvement of the overall social framework for securing crop diversity and its sustainable use.

  • We work to raise awareness of producers, consumers as well aspolitical and economic leaders by targeted public relation activities.



  • The successful work of ARCHE NOAH relies on the wide range of activities of its members. The members’ contribution to practical conservation, dissemination and development of crop diversity is essential.

  • ARCHE NOAH is a network and an organisation. The organisation office perceives itself as a coordination point and an initiator.

  • The ARCHE NOAH Seeds Handbook is an essential mediumof the members.

  • The ARCHE NOAH show garden serves as a platform for the exchange of experiences and transfer of knowledge.



  • To reach our goals we cooperate with partners from a variety of fields, thus using multiple synergies – e.g. regarding the supply of biological seed and plant material of rare varieties and the cultivation and marketing of rare varieties.


Internal cooperation

  • We value personal responsibility, trust and transparency as well as mutual respect, good and intensive communication.

  • We do a good job……

  • ….and feel good doing it!



  • We are a non-profit organisation. We employ the available resources exclusively to reach our goals and we use them sparingly and efficiently.

  • When recruiting new members and donors we refrain from using aggressive means.

  • To safeguard political independence, our key tasks are financed by membership fees, donations from private individuals and the sale of services.