Sharing the Knowledge

Exchange of experiences

ARCHE NOAH is gladly sharing its knowledge with people committed to diversity of cultural plants. The exchange of experiences is one of the most important principles of our teaching.

Spreading the Knowledge

We see it as our job to create places for meeting and learning, where tried-and-tested knowledge is passed on and spread through practical experience and personal exchanges.

To ensure that the knowledge of seed propagation, traditional crop development and cultivation of fruit and vegetable diversity is not lost, but instead thrives, we offer a wide range of practical courses and seminars (in German). The programme includes seed propagation and organic gardening with vegetables and fruits, as well as day seminars on urban gardening, producing your own seedlings, or more specialized seminars on special crops.


Our Educational Calendar

The educational calendar is available at the ARCHE NOAH office or here. It includes the following offers:

One years classes: ARCHE NOAH trains seed-gardeners and cooperates with the “LFI” (rural further education institute) in courses for farmers about rare vegetables, their cultivation and marketing. Today, there are more than 180 graduates.

There are also day seminars and lectures (at different places), as well as the guided tours and short lectures in the ARCHE NOAH visitors garden. Courses about fruit-tree-cutting and refining take place in Winter and Summer in Lower Austria and Vienna.

There is an extensive program for schools and kindergartens called “Diversity Makes a Difference”. Even small children can learn about the value of plant diversity in a playful manner which is, apart from having fun, the purpose of our kids-program.

There are numerous publications by ARCHE NOAH, like the prize-winning “Handbook for Seed Gardeners” and many more. See here.


Passing our knowledge on

Lots of experience is gathered in a large network. ARCHE NOAH is a place where knowledge about crops is collected and brought together, a knowledge that we are happy to pass on.

Our website provides an initial overview of knowledge about crops. Under the heading “Publications”, you’ll find several issues of the ARCHE NOAH magazine as well as specialist articles, studies, and brochures, all available to download for free (in German).

We also provide extensive information on fruit diversity: more than 200 descriptions of old varieties, the most important questions and answers about variety choice, care, usage and much, much more.



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